Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery to Return for New Boondock Saints Film

Original Boondock Saints stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery will both return for a third installment of the franchise, as Deadline reports, reprising their roles as Murphy and Connor MacManus respectively. Despite the consistent casting decisions, however, Troy Duffy, who directed both the original and the 2009 sequel The Boondocks Saints: All Saints Day, will not return to helm the project.

The announcement both affirms and amends a similar report from 2021. That report revealed Reedus and Flannery’s involvement, though Duffy was still set to direct at the time.

Though little has been revealed about the new film’s plot or production timeline, John Wick production house Thunder Road has officially joined current rights holder Dragonfly Films to help bring the sequel to life.

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“When we were given the opportunity to help bring the MacManus brothers back to the screen, we jumped at the chance. The unique possibility of building on the iconic mythology and characters for all the long-time fans of the series, as well as opening it up to a whole new generation, is one that we couldn’t be more excited about,” Thunder Road Films’ Basil Iwanyk said.


“I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have long been working toward,” Reedus said in a statement. “We are pressing on without our longtime friend and Captain, Troy Duffy on this one.”

While Duffy has stepped away from the project, he’s not done with the Boondock Saints universe quite yet. The creator plans to pen a series of books based around the wider Boondock Saints universe, continuing to build upon the story on the page rather than on the screen.

“Basil [Iwanyk] and Todd [Todd Myers of Dragonfly Films] are the perfect partners to bust the brothers out of prison,” Flannery added. “With Basil and Todd at the helm, this will be the best Saints yet. So now it’s time for the brothers to break out the pea coats, re-load, and get back to work.”


The original 1999 cult classic followed the trials and tribulations of two Irish brothers (Reedus and Flannery) who attempt to clean up the streets of their Boston hometown. The sequel saw the brothers being framed for a crime they didn’t commit, ultimately landing the two behind bars.