New Study Shows Two in Five British Concert-Goers Plan to Attend Shows Alone This Summer

New research conducted by ticket marketplace viagogo suggests that a nearly two in five British concert-goers are planning on attending shows or festivals alone this summer. The study also revealed the most common reasons why Brits are hesitant to ride solo to events.

The survey commissioned by viagogo asked 2,000 Brits about their attitude when it came to the prospect of attending an event solo. About 62% of respondents said they had never been to a gig alone before, and about 77% said they felt nervous about doing so. On the other hand, 39% of folks said that they were indeed planning on hitting an event on their own in the near future. According to the study, 39% of concert-goers want to do so to achieve a greater sense of freedom, 27% want more ‘control over the acts they see at festivals,’ and 23% hope to use the opportunity to make new connections.

Of the reasons why respondents felt uneasy about attending events alone, 24% said they lacked confidence in their own company, 24% said they wouldn’t feel safe, and 22% felt ‘far too anxious.’ Furthermore, 17% expressed nerves surrounding traveling alone, while 13% worried they’d feel ‘judged’ for being without company.


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The study also found a gender gap within the responses, with a greater percentage of women showcasing hesitation when compared to men. When asked, 35% of women said they didn’t feel confident about attending concerts alone, compared to 13% of men. Additionally, 36% of women said they would potentially feel unsafe, while just 11% of men said the same.

Despite the relatively high percentage of negative sentiments, a notable amount of respondents claimed they felt more confident after hitting a show on their own. About 38% said they felt more ‘self-confident,’ 20% said they felt ‘less anxious,’ and 20% said they felt ‘happier.”

To encourage such results, viagogo has teamed up with NHS doctor Ally Jaffee to create a comprehensive guide for attending concerts on your own. Read the full guide below. They’ve also launched a new initiative focused on making solo concert excursions more comfortable and accepted. The ticket marketplace will host a “Solo Social” event ahead of Taylor Swift’s European “Era’s Tour” leg to encourage fans to make connections, learn safety techniques, and relieve worries about riding alone. Going down on Wednesday, May 22nd, the event is set to feature games, quizzes, performances, complimentary cocktails, and more.


Get tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming European dates here, as well as her United States dates here. Then, nab free passes for Viagogo’s “Solo Social” here.