Mudhoney – “Little Dogs”

This week, Mudhoney are releasing a new album, Plastic Eternity. They’ve shared two songs from it so far, “Almost Everything” and “Move Under,” and today they’re back with one last single, the goofy and lovable “Little Dogs,” which true to its title, is all about the joys of having a little dog: “I like little dogs/ I like little dogs/ Just today, I went out for a walk/ Guess who came along? That’s right it was a, a little dog.” That’s right! The band shows off a whole variety of little dogs in the Eleanor Petry-directed music video. Check it out below.

In other Mudhoney news, King County, Washington has declared April 7th “Mudhoney Day” in recognition of the band’s 35th anniversary and their contributions to the Seattle grunge scene: