Miya Folick x Skinny Atlas – “Can’t Have It All”

In May, songwriter/producer Miya Folick shared her sophomore album ROACH, which featured a great deal of pre-release singles, like “Cockroach,” “So Clear,” “Mommy,” “Get Out Of My House,” “Bad Thing,” “Nothing To See,” “Ordinary,” and “Oh God.” Last month, Folick also released a really cool cover of Annie Lennox’s “Walking On Broken Glass,” which appeared on a Nettwerk Records compilation benefitting abortion rights. Today, Folick has teamed up with NY producer and multi-instrumentalist Skinny Atlas on a new song “Can’t Have It All,” which is a downtempo reimagining of “Ordinary.”

“This song is about slowing down, looking inward, taking time with the people you love,” Folick said of the original track, which came out in June 2022. “Things don’t have to be a party or a spectacle. They don’t have to be special to feel special. Rather than finding joy in rushing into things, I’m finding joy in patience, in quiet, in getting to know somebody slowly.”

Listen to “Can’t Have It All.”