Miguel – “Number 9” (Feat. Lil Yachty)

This summer, something unexpected happened with the great R&B stylist Miguel. “Sure Thing,” a track from Miguel’s 2010 debut album All I Want Is You, randomly went viral on TikTok, and the song took on a new life on the charts. Earlier this summer, “Sure Thing” peaked at #11, making it the biggest hit of Miguel’s career. Now, Miguel is looking to build on that momentum. He released the new single “Give It To Me” this past spring, and he’s promising a new album this fall — good news, since we haven’t gotten a Miguel LP since 2017’s War And Leisure. Today, Miguel drops another single on us.

On the new single “Number 9,” Miguel teams up with Atlanta rapper-turned-psych-rocker Lil Yachty, no stranger to virality. Miguel and Yachty are an inspired pairing, since both of them like to explore the way-out fringes of their genres. Miguel co-produced “Number 9” with Brook D’leau, one half of the LA R&B duo J*Davey, and it’s a weird one.

On “Number 9,” Miguel sings about the sky crawlin’ out beneath the waves and a gun that holds kisses instead of bullets. Yachty whispers ad-libs and then comes in with a singsong verse about how he’s the nightmare and the dreamstalker. The beat is a pretty lysergic lope, and the vocals come out in gasps. This is high-grade trip music, and you can hear it below.