Mega Bog – “Cactus People”

In exactly a month, Erin Birgy is releasing a new Mega Bog album, End Of Everything. She’s shared two singles from it so far, “The Clown” and “Love Is,” and today she’s putting out another track, “Cactus People.”

“This song is a transparent call to practice addressing what lies at the feared feet of abandonment,” she said in a statement. “All of a sudden I realized I was running away, with a black widow bite, collapsing on a trail several hours out of town, alone. Reacting to something inevitable, something I desired even, and taking notes of images arising while pitting emotionality against logic. At the time they felt like enemies, but somewhere in there was a seed wailing, ‘just watch yourself unfold.’”

Watch a video for the song below.

End Of Everything is out 5/19 via Mexican Summer.