Maple Glider – “Two Years”

Tori Zietsch, the Melbourne musical artist known as Maple Glider, has shared another new single today from her upcoming album I Get Into Trouble. “Two Years” starts out as a sort of psychedelic soul track then transforms into something slower and more languid. The spirit of Lana Del Rey hangs heavy over it all.

A statement from Zietsch:

I remember having the need to write this song at the moment I was experiencing these uncertain feelings, but being unable to do so in private… This was a time of life where I got swept up into the clouds, and didn’t feel the ground for a long time. Even listening to the song now I can feel the self-doubt in my lyrics, the indecision in the music, the attempt to find the sweetness amongst what was ultimately an incredibly claustrophobic experience.

Listen below.

I Get Into Trouble is out 10/13 on Partisan.