Magnitude – “Rectify”

For years, North Carolina straight-edge warriors Magnitude have been carrying the flame of passionate, sincere full-room-singalong ’90s-style hardcore. Until this morning Magnitude haven’t released anything since their 2019 debut album To Whatever Fateful End. Usually, a hardcore band can’t keep growing if they go four years without putting out new music, but Magnitude have played all the big hardcore festivals in the past few years, and they were also part of Drain’s massive recent tour. Wherever they go, they get mobbed by kids singing along. The next Magnitude record is going to be a big deal, and we finally have our first taste of it.

Today, Magnitude end their silence. There’s apparently a new album coming this fall, and now we’ve got a crushing, rewarding new rager called “Rectify.” The band produced the song themselves, and it’s jammed with deep-crunch metallic riffage and vocals that practically demand gang-bellow singalongs. In a press release, singer Russell Bussey describes the song like this:

“Rectify” is ultimately about rediscovering your true self. It’s about healing your mind from the effects of a society that places so much value in the vanity of the material world and status quo. The idea is to free your mind from the constant cycle of pursuing external validation that leads to unnecessary self criticism and insecurities.

Fuck yeah. Listen below.

“Rectify” is out now on Triple B Records.