Longings – “Expensive Graves”

The Western Massachusetts band Longings brings together three noteworthy names from the underground: Cole Lanier (California X, Rogue Trooper), Meghan Minior (Siamese Twins, Ampere), and Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Vaccine). They’ll release their second album, Dreams In Red, a month from now on the esteemed Don Giovanni label, and today they’ve shared its opening track.

“Expensive Graves” is propulsive, discordant, and intense, with incessant, wiry guitars and blunt, angry vocals that might incite involuntary fist pumps. “I was no place!” Killingsworth barks. “Moving towards expensive graves!” In a press release, the band explains, “When our lives are in chaos, what becomes of our dreams? Even our means of escape have become a hostile environment. While we may distract ourselves from the path ahead, the end remains certain.” Bleak! But not wrong.

Listen below.

01 “Expensive Graves”
02 “Can’t Look Back”
03 “In Fog”
04 “The Game”
05 “Manipulation In Recognition”
06 “Motionless”
07 “Disillusion”
08 “Forwards Blind”

Dreams In Red is out 7/7 on Don Giovanni.