Liza Anne – “Shania Twain Is Making Me Cry”

Liza Anne has been sharing colorful new singles all year, and now the genre-averse, gender-fluid Nashville singer-songwriter has revealed what we all suspected: Those songs were leading up to a new LP, Utopian, which is coming in November.

Today they’re sharing a new single from the album, the intriguingly named breakup jam “Shania Twain Is Making Me Cry.” It’s hardly a country track, but it does tap into Liza Anne’s country priors with some smoking guitar licks and a reference to the former pop-country crossover queen. The “Boo-hoo!” ad libs at the end show you they’re not taking themselves too seriously on this one, but despite the music’s zippy demeanor, the lyrics suggest the song was inspired by actual pain.

Liza Anne shared this statement:

I wanted to lean into the theater and camp-ness of the feeling that came from that almost caricatured processing of grief. That unified sadness we all recognize in ourselves when our lives are thrown up and we wonder where everything is going to land. We’re looking for a mirror back of our own experience all of the time and when you’re going through the loneliness of a break up everything feels like a sign.

Watch director Paloma Gil’s video for the song below, where you can also find the Utopian tracklist. (Look out for that Samia duet!)

01 “Cheerleader”
02 “Rainbow Sweater”
03 “It’s Cool To Care”
04 “Shania Twain Is Making Me Cry”
05 “Treat Me”
06 “Sentimental”
07 “Listen”
08 “Utopian” (Featuring Samia)
09 “Internet Depression”
10 “Pack Light”
11 “Out Of Nowhere”
12 “Thank You For Your Time”

Utopian is out 11/3 on Antifragile Music. Pre-order it here.