Lil Yachty & JID – “Half Doin’ Dope” (Feat. BabyTron) & “Van Gogh”

Lil Yachty and JID are two of the busiest artists on the Atlanta rap landscape, and that’s saying something. Earlier this year, Yachty released the psych-rock album Let’s Start Here. Since then, he’s released a string of relatively rap-centric singles, like “Strike (Holster),” “Slide,” and “Solo Steppin Crete Boy.” JID released his very good album The Forever Story last year, and he’s recently collaborated with people like Little Dragon, Lute, and Mick Jenkins. JID apparently has two new albums on the way: The solo record Forever & A Day and a collaborative LP with Metro Boomin. Now, Yachty and JID have a new project together, as well.

Lil Yachty and JID have gotten together to form a new duo called BlakkBoyz, and they’ve just dropped two new tracks. It’s anyone’s guess whether BlakkBoyz is going to become a long-term collaborative thing or whether they’re just coming out with these two tracks. But the songs are dizzy and energetic, and they show Yachty and JID to be kindred spirits.

Producer Cardo built “Van Gogh” on a Three 6 Mafia sample, and the track must’ve been sitting around for a long time; Cardo first posted a snippet more than four years ago. Snippets of “Half Doin’ Dope,” which features an on-fire appearance from Detroit rapper BabyTron, have been popping up online for nearly as long. Both songs are freewheeling and chorus free rap attacks, with these guys happily tossing verses back and forth. Check out both of them below.