Lil Wayne – “Kat Food”

Look at that cover art! Amazing! Hideous! It’s almost comforting that a major artist like Lil Wayne can still release a new single with that kind of ass-ugly cover art. Wayne has a long history of wild, ridiculous covers, especially in his mixtape era, and he’s still keeping it going today. You have to respect it.

Lil Wayne has had a busy year. He performed at the Grammys, the ESPYs, and the Yankee Stadium concert for hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. He went out on a tour that had some weird moments. He released “Kant Nobody,” a pretty-great single built on a DMX sample. Now, he’s got another new song, and it’s another good one.

On “Kat Food,” Wayne rides a bloopy beat that samples the whistling sound from the intro of Missy Elliott’s “Work It.” (That sample means that Missy, Timbaland, DMC, Debbie Harry, and Chris Stein all get songwriter credits.) Wayne continues to rap nasty punchlines at a very high level. On the hook, he rhymes “demeanor,” “Noxzema,” “subpoena,” “Serena,” “Purina,” “Katrina,” and “that cheetah.” It’s a sex song, obviously. Listen below.