L.S. Dunes – “Old Wounds”

L.S. Dunes — the new-ish band comprising members of Thursday, Circa Survive, My Chemical Romance, and Coheed And Cambria — have been fairly prolific in their short time together. Last fall they released their debut album Past Lives, and they’ve followed it up with two more singles this year. First came “Benadryl Subreddit” back in June, and now we get “Old Wounds,” an impassioned, almost ballad-like slow-build that seems like it would kill in an arena setting.

A word from Frank Iero:

Old Wounds was a song that Travis [Stever] brought to the band a while back. In getting ready for the upcoming desert session, Anthony came back around to it and ended up singing an incredible melody over it. After hearing Anthony’s voice on that song, it was pretty obvious what needed to be played over those existing melodies. Old Wounds definitely feels like it represents the cold nights out in the desert for me and it might be one of my favorite songs we have done as a band.

Stever had this to say:

The way everyone drifted into this song and brought their own energy was one of the most organic and natural approaches to songwriting I have ever been a part of. From the initial instrumental ideas to the vocals Anthony [Green] added, all the way to the production, it just flowed. Like we had a road map for where the song would go already. The feelings it derives from me, and the continued layers make it possibly my favorite song I have ever been a part of writing.

Lastly, Green shared that the song “was inspired by something I thought that I had lost that I actually needed to let go of.” Listen below.