Jorja Smith – “Little Things”

Last month, UK pop and R&B singer Jorja Smith launched an era with the DAMEDAME*-produced “Try Me,” which followed 2021’s Be Right Back EP. Today, Smith returns with another new-era single. Produced by P2J and New Machine, this one is called “Little Things,” and it includes a music video directed by Bolade Banjo.

Opening with a lo-fi, jazz-piano loop, “Little Things” quickly clicks into an uptempo, scuttling rhythm that stylistically references her hometown of Walsall, UK. Lyrically, Smith seductively calls out to a potential love interest, chanting: “It’s the little things that get me high/ Won’t you come with me and spend the night?” Per Smith, “The song is pretty self explanatory, I had a lil concoction – rum, ting and a magnum. When we started creating this song I was just imagining hearing this walking into a party and seeing someone I’d had my eye on. It’s fun!”

Listen below.