Joni Mitchell’s Music Is Back on Spotify

A week after Neil Young announced his unenthusiastic return to Spotify, Joni Mitchell’s music is back on the platform too. As of Thursday, March 21st, all of her major studio albums are available in full on Spotify.

Mitchell’s music was first pulled from the streaming giant’s offerings in January 2022, a move she made in support of Young, who was protesting Spotify’s exclusive deal with Joe Rogan at the time. Last week, though, with the end of Rogan’s exclusivity deal, Young laid down his arms, so to speak, and returned his music to Spotify.

Following suite (or, so we can guess, since she hasn’t publicly commented yet), Mitchell’s music is back too. Fans who go to her Spotify page will immediately see the records she’s released since 1980 in her album discography. As of now, to access her classic pre-’80s albums, just navigate to the “Complications” tab in her discography, where you’ll see a collection titled The Studio Albums 1968 – 1979 that features the rest of her catalog.


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All of this comes after a renaissance in Mitchell’s career. In 2022, she made a surprise appearance at the Newport Folk Festival, marking her first public performance in 20 years. Following that appearance, she released Joni Mitchell at Newport, which won for Best Folk Album at the 2024 Grammys (where she delivered a show-stopping performance).

Coming up, Mitchell is set to perform her first headlining shows in Los Angeles since 2000 with two nights at the Hollywood Bowl on October 19th and 20th. To see the show live yourself, grab tickets here. In the meantime, stream some of her classic albums on Spotify below.

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