Jason Derulo Pulls Out of SeaWorld Performance, Gets Gifts from PETA

Jason Derulo has canceled his upcoming performance at SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival. In a sign of appreciation, PETA is thanking him with dolphin-themed gifts.

Originally scheduled to perform at the park on April 21st, Derulo’s cancellation comes after he heard about SeaWorld’s unsavory practices from PETA, according to the animal rights organization. Now, country musician Chris Young is booked for the performance instead.

As PETA explained, they informed Derulo of SeaWorld’s practice of “forcibly impregnating” dolphins and whales, as well as their history of having over 500 dolphins and whales die in captivity (including 40 orcas). Though it’s unclear if Derulo canceled solely because of PETA’s intervention, the organization is now thanking him with dolphin-themed gifts.

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Specifically, Derulo will receive a “SeaWorld Sucks” t-shirt, dolphin-shaped fruit snacks, and a stuffed dolphin toy for his son. In a statement, PETA’s Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said, “Jason Derulo made the right call in refusing to endorse SeaWorld’s body count with a performance. People will continue to turn their backs on SeaWorld as long as it relies on animal exploitation, which is why PETA is calling on the park to move the dolphins and whales it holds captive to seaside sanctuaries.”


Derulo isn’t the first public figure to distance themselves from SeaWorld after PETA intervention. In fact, in 2022, Joan Jett blasted SeaWorld on PETA’s behalf, asking, “When will SeaWorld end its sordid breeding program?”

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Meanwhile, Derulo is preparing for his upcoming Las Vegas residency, which begins next month. Check out his upcoming dates and grab tickets here.