Hear Katie Alice Greer Cover TV On The Radio, The Beta Band, & Bruce Springsteen On More Barbarism EP

Last year, Katie Alice Greer, the former singer of the great DC band Priests, released Barbarism, her first proper solo album. Today, Greer follows that record with a new EP called More Barbarism. The tracks on the EP come from the Barbarism sessions, and they’re just as experimental and free-floating as the ones on the album. Greer performed, recorded, and mixed every track on the EP herself, and she played virtually all the instruments. Four of the tracks are originals, including demos of a couple of Barbarism songs, but there are some notable covers on there, as well.

Katie Alice Greer is no stranger to covers, both with Priests and on her own. She once remade the entire Chicks album Fly at home. On More Barbarism, she takes on three classics: TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me,” the Beta Band’s “It’s Not Too Beautiful,” and Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Goin’ Down.” Greer makes all of those songs a bit more intense and serrated, and it’s cool to hear what she does with them. Greer’s version of “Wolf Like Me” has guitar from Lila Larson, while Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart adds percussion to the original track “PRING6.” Stream the EP below.

The More Barbarism EP is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.