Grimes: “I Happily Am Proud of White Culture”

Grimes has responded to critics who’ve labeled her as a “Nazi” “because I happily am proud of white culture.”

“But everyday I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great who invented the first ever empire, and the Japanese icon Murasaki Shikibu who wrote the first ever novel. What if humans just love each other?” Grimes wrote in a pre-New Year’s screed posted to Twitter. “History teaches us that we have all been, and always will be – great.”

“It’s insane to me that ppl try to justify the erasure of their own peoples accomplishments for the sake of modern division. I refuse to abide by it,” she wrote in another post. “It’s more that I notice increasing trended towards a than nazi-ism and racism because ppl feel they cannot be proud so I want to emphasize the incredible accomplishments of others and integrate them into western education whilst allowing pride for white ppl accomplishments as well. I believe there’s been a terrible erasure of non European accomplishments and history shud be taught much more comprehensively.”

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After a follower encouraged her to delete her initial post, Grimes responded: “I don’t care. I will ride always for the beauty and ingenuity of all humans. It is only those who refuse to look at history who think anyone superior or inferior and I will happily die on this hill.”


In another post, Grimes wrote, “I’m a human suprematist – humans are amazing.”

In the past, Grimes has come under scrutiny for associating with far-right and neo-Nazis figures, with her own subreddit documenting instances of such activity on social media.