Ghostface Killah – “Yupp!” (Feat. Remy Ma)

These days, Ghostface Killah picks his spot. The Wu-Tang veteran has been a legend for entire generations, and he has nothing left to prove. Ghostface hasn’t released an album since 2019’s widely ignored Ghostface Killahs. Last year, though, he made prominent appearances on albums from Kendrick Lamar and Westside Gunn. Tonight, both Ghostface and long-tenured Bronx ass-kicker Remy Ma will perform at the huge Yankee Stadium concert to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. This seems like a great time for Ghost and Remy to team up on a new banger, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

It’s possible to take Ghostface Killah for granted. That’s not a good idea, but it’s an option. The man is 53 years old. Ghost has released gold-plated classics, but he’s also made plenty of forgettable records. When a new Ghost comes out, you don’t know which one you’re going to get. But I am delighted to report that the new single “Yupp!” is prime Ghostface — a stripped-back neck-jerk track that uncorks all the frenzied bug-out energy that made Ghost a legend in the first case.

This is a Ghostface song right here. On “Yupp!,” Ghost never goes into the surreal brain-melt verbiage of his Supreme Clientele era, bu the’s got the fire-eyed purpose. He screams every word of the track, and the sheer intensity of his voice is enough to get your adrenal gland going. Remy sounds ferocious on her verse, too. I would strongly advise you to listen to the track below.