Gabby’s World – “Restore”

At the end of 2023, Gabby Smith, the New York DIY musician who records under the Gabby’s World name, will drop her new LP Gabby Sword. Really, though, we’re getting Gabby Sword one track at a time, with Smith releasing one new song every month for the entire year. We’ve already posted a bunch of those songs: “Sank,” “Closing Door,” “Races,” “Corrina,” “33,” “Fabby.” It’s not even June yet, but we’re already getting a new one today.

The new “Restore” is a new song that, at least as far as I can tell, is about the ridiculousness of rage: “Spurred on by anger, I ruffle and strut like a turkey/ I am dancing into my own death.” As with all the Gabby Sword songs, Gabby Smith co-produced the softly thrumming track with partner Barrie Lindsay, who records as just Barrie. Listen below.

Gabby Sword is out 12/1 on Carrot All Records.