FendiDa Rappa & Cardi B – “Point Me 2”

Cardi B is establishing a pattern here: When a young woman rapper scores a breakout hit, Cardi jumps on a remix, but instead of calling it a remix, they bill it as a sequel. Glorilla’s “Tomorrow” became “Tomorrow 2.” Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor” became “Put It On Da Floor Again.” And now FendiDa Rappa’s “Point Me To The Sluts” has morphed into “Point Me 2.” It’s a win-win that helps to elevate these artists’ public profile and keeps Cardi on the charts without having to go to the trouble of crafting her own songs.

Fendi, the hard and ascendant Chicago rapper, shot a video for “Point Me 2” with Cardi in Chicago last week. Today, that video is out. Watch below.