Everything We Know About Billie Eilish’s New Album (So Far)

New music from Billie Eilish is officially on the way. While her last album, Happier Than Ever, was released in 2021, fans haven’t had too much time to miss her; Eilish remained a staple of the charts and airwaves with her contribution to the Barbie soundtrack, the tender and thoughtful “What Was I Made For?,” which recently earned the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture and is nominated for an Academy Award.

Now, though, Eilish has confirmed that she’s ready to release music of her own. On February 21st, the singer jumped on Instagram to share one simple sentence: “My album is mastered.” (For anyone new to the world of music recording, mastering is the final stage of production — this is essentially Billie confirming that the finishing touches have been applied.)

We’ll be updating this guide as soon as new information becomes available, but here’s what we know about Eilish’s 2024 album so far.

What Is the Release Date for Billie Eilish’s New Album?

Eilish confirmed that the album has been mastered via her personal social media, which is an incredibly promising sign. The singer also posted photos from the studio in January.


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While no official release date has been confirmed yet, we do have a bit of a timeline — the project will be released sometime after March 8th, when Ariana Grande is releasing her seventh LP, eternal sunshine.

On the Grammys red carpet earlier this month, Eilish revealed that her own album would be coming soon. “Let Ariana put her shit out — enjoy that,” she said. “That’s all I’m waiting for… Then, eventually, our stuff will happen.”

What’s on the Tracklist for Billie Eilish’s 2024 Album?

We are anxiously awaiting details on the tracklist for Billie Eilish’s new project. If we take a look at Happier Than Ever, though, Eilish didn’t hold back — the LP clocked in at 16 tracks. Meanwhile, her beloved 2019 album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, contained 14 songs.


Who Are the Collaborators on the New Billie Eilish Album?

While tracklist details are slim, it’s safe to say we know at least one collaborator who will be credited on the project. Eilish has built her musical identity on the foundation laid with her brother, songwriting and producing partner Finneas. In an interview with Vanity Fair towards the end of 2022, Finneas shared, “We’re starting to make music again. We just started the process of making an album.”

Again, there’s no hint as to what kind of sound the new project might hold, but Eilish’s trademark vulnerable lyrics and unique vocal tone are sure to be on full display once again.

Will Billie Eilish Tour in 2024?

Eilish’s most recent tour took place in 2022 and extended into early 2023, meaning the singer might be ready to hit the road again. If Eilish tours around this new record, it would be her seventh headlining trek.