Esther Rose – “Spider”

Before we get into the meat of this post, we need to discuss Esther Rose’s Bart Simpson T-shirt game, as seen in the promo photo above. A Bart Simpson Miami Hurricanes shirt? Tucked into some leather pants? Come on. That’s so sick. I’m so jealous.

Esther Rose, the Santa Fe-based country/folk singer-songwriter, has a new album called Safe To Run coming out later this month, and we’ve already posted “Chet Baker” and the title track, which features Hurray For The Riff Raff. Today, Rose has also shared the heartfelt new song “Spider.” Rose wears that Bart Simpson shirt in the video, which director Anthony Simpkins filmed at a real MMA card. It’s full of worshipful slow-motion images of dudes beating each other up and then hugging. Rose doesn’t fight anyone, but she was in the building.

In a press release, Esther Rose says:

As I was writing this, I remember thinking “This. Is. My. Final. Word!!!” My drummer Lonnie calls this one an “emotional dump truck.” We tracked vocals live and tried to redo them later, but they didn’t hit as hard as the original take. There’s something kind of deranged happening in the third verse, the situational complexities, you can feel it. It’s our favorite to play live.

Watch the video below.

Safe To Run is out 4/21 on New West Records. Pre-order it here.