Equipment – “Minnow”

Toledo emos Equipment impressed us greatly with the first couple singles from their upcoming album Alt.Account. The next one is out today, and it might be the best of the bunch so far. “Minnow” manages to make rapid-fire twinkly guitar action feel like one more pop hook in a song full of them, and Nick Zander pushes his smooth and melodious vocal into fiery shout-along mode at just the right time. It comes with a video that features Zander in split screen re-creating footage he published to YouTube as a kid.

A statement from Zander on the song:

The chorus is from the perspective of an omniscient narrator, analyzing my current state in life. It speaks to the many different versions of ourselves we can be in a lifetime, and paints a picture of how far one can go from starting an innocent retro gaming channel to falling victim to the “party” culture in less than a decade. The Youtube kid was so much cooler.

And on the video:

This video features a bunch of recreated footage from a few YouTube channels I had as a kid, as well as a recreated drum playthrough by Jake. Some of the videos were literally from when I was 10. It was super fun to recreate these shots around the house with my partner. We wanted to go for that homemade feel like the old videos, complete with the bad lighting and all. While making this, we would get to a scene we’d have to reshoot and I’d be like, “I can’t believe kid me committed to the bit this hard.

Watch below.

Alt.Account is out 9/29.