Enter The Flower School With Zoh Amba, Chris Corsano, & Bill Orcutt

It’s a great day to let yourself become enthralled and disoriented by freeform sound. The Flower School, the new album from saxophonist Zoh Amba, drummer Chris Corsano, and guitarist Bill Orcutt, is on Bandcamp now, a week ahead of its announced release date. The three musicians got together in San Francisco after Amba and Corsano’s tour over the winter and connected on a level that feels both intellectual and primal.

If you are familiar with either Amba, the rising free jazz star, or Corsano and Orcutt, the experimental veterans who’ve often joined forces with cataclysmic results, you are probably aware that this music is not tethered to conventions of form or accessibility. It’s an exploratory exercise, letting three inspired talents feel their way around each other in pursuit of both chaos and serenity.

Not only is The Flower School out today, so is Play At Duke, the live album Corsano and Orcutt recorded last year at the Three Lobed Records 21st anniversary celebration. The album contains no previously released music and was cooked up on the spot in Durham. That’s almost another half hour of searching, skronking, electrifying clatter to carry you into your weekend. Enjoy!