Empty Nesters – “The Simphony” (Feat. PACKS’ Madeline Link)

Empty Nesters, a Montreal-based project led by Eric Liao, have released a new single, “The Simphony,” featuring vocals from Madeline Link, the leader of the Toronto group PACKS. The pair met when Empty Nesters opened for PACKS. “After recording the song, I felt that it was missing female vocals and thought it would sound nice as a lovey dovey duet,” Liao said in a statement. “So I messaged my friend Madeline, who leads her band PACKS, and was more than happy to sing along to the track.”

“I really like how this song turned out and reminds me a lot of My Bloody Valentine,” Liao continued. “At our shows we intentionally throw people off (but they like it!) by playing hardcore punk in the remaining half of our set. The punk sounding ending is also kind of supposed to throw off the listener in a way.”

Listen below.