Drake Goes on the Defensive Against Kendrick Lamar with “The Heart Part 6”: Stream

Drake has returned fire at Kendrick Lamar with the Sunday night drop of a new diss track called “The Heart Part 6.” The song’s title is a reference to Lamar’s own single series of the same name.

The track mostly finds Drake on the defensive, as he disputes allegations made by Lamar that he has a secret daughter, is on Ozempic, and has sexual relations with underage girls. As Drake tells it, he intentionally fed Lamar’s camp false information and they fell for it.

“We plotted for a week and then we fed you the information/ A daughter that’s 11 years old, I bet he takes it/ We thought about giving a fake name or a destination/ But you so thirsty, you not concerned with investigation,” Drake raps.


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Drake also claims, without evidence, that Lamar was molested as a child: “This when your father leave you home alone with no protection so neglected/ That’s why these pedophile raps is shit you so obsessed with, it’s so excessive.. I never been with no one under age but now I understand why this the angle that you really mess with.”

As for Drake, he says he is “way too famous” to be a pedophile: “If I was fucking young girls, I promise I’da been done arrested.”

“The Heart Part 6” marks the fourth diss track Drake has released amid his ongoing feud with Lamar. He previously dropped “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50),” “Taylor Made Freestyle,” and “Family Matters.” For his part, Drake has released “euphoria,” “6:16 in LA,” “Meet the Grahams,” and “Not Like Us.”

Drake is expecting Lamar to respond in short, writing on social media: “And we know you’re dropping 6 mins after so instead of posting my address you have a lot to address.”

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