Don Modus Emerges As Hip-Hop Scene’s Very Own “Dark Knight”

Don Modus has burst onto the hip-hop scene like a blazing star, thanks to his recent drop, “Dark Knight.” In a candid discussion, the artist explores his artistic evolution, the sources of his inspiration, and how he effortlessly weaves Batman’s essence into his music. He shares a profound connection with the caped crusader that transcends the typical fan-artist relationship, mirroring his personal journey. The motif of masks, both tangible and symbolic, serves as a powerful metaphor of their unifying bond.

I relate to a lot of plotlines we see in Batman. For starters, the most obvious parallel is that we both incorporate masks into our characters. I use a mask in my branding as a way to tell people that their appearances don’t matter. It’s more important what values you hold and how you conduct yourself. Just like Batman, I tend to keep a clean cut appearance during the day, but I secretly spend a lot of time in the streets. I’m not beating up bad guys though, I’m hustling. I can’t get into too much detail but I do what needs to be done so I can keep funding this music journey,” says Don.

The song’s overarching theme, “You can’t choose the life you wanna live, you gotta let it choose you,” resonates with Modus: “I never grew up wanting to be a rapper. This life just chose me. I noticed that a lot of popular rap songs contain lyrics that were mirroring my own life. And even when I did begin rapping, I had a lot of doubts. I didn’t aggressively start chasing this passion until I saw success around me. It’s almost like the universe was encouraging me down this path and I’m not the type of person to argue with the universe. If you choose a life that doesn’t choose you, you’re going to find it to be very difficult.”

Anticipating Modus’ upcoming EP, titled What It Takes, in which he delves into themes of loyalty, determination, and personal growth, Don offers a promise of an immersive journey. Much like Batman’s path, he showcases that facing challenges head-on and steadfastly pursuing one’s dreams can uncover one’s true potential.

Listen to “Dark Knight” below: