Doja Cat Instructs Fans to “Leave Your Kids at Home”

Considering each of Doja Cat’s studio albums is labeled with a Parental Advisory for explicit content, it should be pretty obvious her music isn’t for children. Apparently, some fans haven’t gotten the message because the rapper-singer has hopped on Twitter to tell them to “leave your kids at home.”

“idk what the fuck you think this is but i don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherfucker,” Doja Cat wrote.”im rapping about cum why are you bringing your offspring to my show. rappin about eatin dick and pissin on his v-cut, leave your mistake at home.”

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Doja Cat previously addressed a similar topic on “Fuck the Girls (FTG)” from her latest album, Scarlet. On the track, she raps about not being a role model: “Since when was y’all my bastard children? Go ‘head and raise y’all self/ Come get ya badass kids, no need to mention.”


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The artist is also no stranger to admonishing her supporters on social media. Last July, Doja Cat instructed fans to “get a job” instead of pursuing a “creepy” parasocial relationship with her.

Doja Cat is currently touring behind Scarlet in the UK and Europe. Grab your tickets here — just make sure to leave the young ones at home.

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