DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ Mocks Daft Punk With Her Own “Drumless Edition” Album

Today marks the release of Daft Punk’s drumless edition of Random Access Memories, the Grammy-winning blockbuster that now stands as their last studio album. DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ seems to think that’s pretty funny. On Bandcamp, Sabrina has shared a drum-free version of Destiny, the four-hour odyssey that earned Album Of The Week honors from us this summer. She announced the release with this message to her followers on the platform:

The label executives wanted me to push as much merchandise for this thing as possible! I said, “gravy train, much?” and they said “whatever, just do it” so here’s some amazing apparel in time for Drumless Day! National Drumless Day is now slated for every 17th of November (it’s like Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving!) and should be observed by anyone who’s ever wondered, “Does this album have *too* much drum? What if it had *zero* drum?” and now you know. Go, go listen to Daft Punk’s Drumless R.A.M. and if you need a little more Drumless-Style, you’ve got Drumless Destiny right here, and on streaming! “I now pronounce you, Drumless Day!” And please, enjoy the Drumless merch while it lasts, may it see you through until next Drumless Day (don’t forget, that’s 17th November, every year from now on!)

Check out the drumless Sabrina and Daft Punk albums below.