Dennis Quaid Recreates Ronald Reagan’s Historic Moments in First Trailer for Upcoming Biopic: Watch

The trailer for the upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic, Reagan, has arrived, giving viewers our first-look at Dennis Quaid’s portrayal of The Gipper.

Directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer, Miracle Season), Reagan will follow the 40th president’s life from birth to death, focusing on his political rise and opposition to the Soviet Union. Beyond Quaid, the cast is filled out by Jon Voight, Penelope Ann Miller, Mena Suvari, Nominee Kevin Dillon, David Henrie, and many more, including Creed’s Scott Stapp as Frank Sinatra.

Reagan is due on August 30th, 2024, and will be the debut release by ShowBiz Direct, a new studio headed by exhibition veteran Kevin Mitchell, former Lionsgate distribution president Richie Fay and others. In a statement, Mitchell said, “We are honored for the opportunity to launch ShowBiz Direct with Reagan, and the cast does such an amazing job in this movie. Our team is ready to show the creative and exhibition communities that we want to work with you to put movies on the big screen where they belong.”

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For his part, Quaid said, “I’ve always been told bits and pieces of the stories of Ronald Reagan’s life, but this movie puts the whole story together. I’ve played quite a few real people over the years, and I like to play them from their point of view, without judgment. It was a big challenge for me to get behind the public persona of the man and also to move beyond my own feelings of admiration for him.” Watch the trailer below.


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