Deeper – “Sub”

Back in 2020, the Chicago band Deeper released their sophomore album, Auto-Pain, and we talked to them about it at the time. Today, they’re back with their first new single since then, “Sub,” which is their first for Sub Pop Records — I’d like to think a song called “Pop” is just around the corner. The label will release a new album from Deeper later this year.

“‘Sub’ was in the trash can for a minute. We recorded it in 2021 at a slower tempo before realizing it didn’t work,” the band shared in a statement, continuing:

It was built again from the ground up, this time with a much faster tempo and different dynamics. The nice thing about iterating on songs over the pandemic was having time to revisit old ideas – the song even features a guitar part from the first recorded Deeper song that we ended up discarding. Lyrics jump around events from the last few years, often reflecting on the past and present. The video functions as a vessel for us to reference characters from past videos, showing them stuck in a loop, in a purgatory where they’re waiting to move on to whatever is coming next.

Watch and listen below.

“Sub” is out now via Sub Pop.