Cupid & Psyche – “Serenity’s Pit”

Cupid & Psyche is the LA-based partnership of Michael Vidal and Juan Velasquez, two core members of the great experimental punk band Abe Vigoda. On their debut album Romantic Music, out next month via felte, the duo blurs together a number of ’80s and ’90s alternative touchstones, most prominently electronic pop in the Depeche Mode/New Order vein and shoegaze at its most sensual. Last month they shared the brisk and melancholic debut single “Angels On The Phone.” Today they’re following it with “Serenity’s Pit,” a harder and more upbeat track built around a relentless throbbing rhythm section but laced with a beautiful tapestry of guitar melodies that eventually comes to the fore. Hear it below.

01 “Romantic Music”
02 “Angels On The Phone”
03 “Spirit”
04 “Datura Sketch”
05 “Anxiety’s Rainbow”
06 “Serenity’s Pit”
07 “Against The Light”
08 “Jessica (Synergy)”

Romantic Music is out 9/22 on felte.