CMAT – “Have Fun!”

Many members of our comments section and Discord server are stoked on CMAT, aka saucy Irish pop singer-songwriter Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson — and for good reason! Her new album Crazymad, For Me is shaping up real nicely, what with lead single “Whatever’s Inconvenient” leading to today’s new track “Have Fun!” It’s a midtempo piano-led number that finds some space all its own between Spoon’s “Inside Out” and, I don’t know, Lily Allen? Nice string section on the bridge too.

CMAT has this to say:

This is a song about ring necked parakeets that are wild in London, but it is also a song about getting over a breakup and moving on from an emotional stalemate even when you don’t, or can’t, forgive the other person’s actions. I suppose it is a song about how things in life are never satisfying, and don’t make sense, but they exist anyway and we have to make the best of it. And have fun!

Do that below via director Greg Purcell’s music video.

Crazymad, For Me is out 10/13 on AWAL.