Chvrches – “Talking In My Sleep”

About a decade ago, a couple of Scottish indie-rock dudes got together with a shy but charismatic singer to make shimmering, emotive synthpop. They called themselves Chvrches, spelling the word like that for search-engine-optimization reasons. Chvrches’ debut album The Bones Of What You Believe, a very good record, is about to get a deluxe 10th-anniversary reissue with a bunch of bonus tracks. We’ve already posted “Manhattan,” one of the previously unreleased songs that’ll appear on the album’s new edition. Today, Chvrches have shared another one.

The new version of The Bones Of What You Believe is coming out just as the whole Chvrches project seems to be going on the backburner. Last week, singer Lauren Mayberry released “Are You Awake?,” her first solo single. Earlier this week, she headlined her first-ever solo show and debuted a bunch of other new songs. Right now, she’s opening the Postal Service/Death Cab For Cutie tour. Chvrches have come a long way, and maybe the stars all aligned just right for us to look back at their earlier days while they’re entering a new chapter.

In any case, it’s pretty funny that the new Chvrches song that’s out today is one of the ones where Lauren Mayberry does not sing lead. Iain Cook takes lead vocals on “Talking In My Sleep,” a song that swirls and percolates and generally does all the thing that those old Chvrches tracks did. For those of us who like to dance and sulk at the same time, there is no substitute. Check out “Talking In My Sleep” below.

The Bones Of What You Believe 10th-anniversary edition is out 10/13 on Glassnote. Pre-order it here.