BTS’ Suga Releases D-Day, Featuring Posthumous Ryuichi Sakamoto Collaboration

Earlier this month, the Japanese art-rock master Ryuichi Sakamoto died after living with cancer for a long time. Sakamoto was 71 when he died, and he kept working right up until the end of his life. During his lifetime, Sakamoto collaborated with a great many artists across a great many disciplines. Sakamoto might be gone now, but another of his collaborations has just come out. This time, he’s featured on a new solo song from the BTS member Suga.

BTS officially went on hiatus last year because the South Korean boy band’s members had to start serving their compulsory military service. The various BTS members are also releasing solo music. This week, J-Hope became the second BTS member to report to boot camp; he came out with the J. Cole collab “On The Street” beforehand. Earlier this month, Jimin became the first BTS solo member to reach #1 in America with his single “Like Crazy.” Today, Suga has released his new solo album D-Day.

D-Day is Suga’s new release under his Agust D alter-ego; it’s coming out after a couple of Agust D mixtapes. One of the album tracks is the dramatic rap-rock ballad “Snooze,” and it’s billed as a collaboration between Agust D, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Woosung, leader of the South Korean rock band the Rose. Listen below.

If you’re interested, you can stream all of D-Day below.

D-Day is out now on BigHit Music.