Blur Perform at Coachella with Cahuilla Bird Singers: Watch

Blur took the stage at Coachella on Saturday, and to close out their portion of the night, they brought out performers from the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers.

It was Blur’s first time at Coachella since 2013 (though Damon Albarn has made a few surprise appearances in recent years), and the band delivered renditions of some of their most beloved songs, like “Song 2,” “Girls & Boys,” “Beetlebum,” and more.

The Britpop legends first brought out a group of Bird Singers to perform a traditional piece titled “Bird Song,” honoring the culture and history of the indigenous tribes of the Coachella region. From there, the Bird Singers loaned their voices to Blur’s “Death of a Party,” and then returned at the end of the night to close out the set with “Tender.”

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Elsewhere in Blur’s set, Albarn made an appeal for mutual understanding in a time of political polarization, and commented on how the fields Coachella is hosted on typically host polo matches, leading to a brief aside about the history of Paraguay.


Watch videos of the performance below.

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Blur’s 2024 Coachella Setlist:
St. Charles Square
Trouble in the Message Centre
Goodbye Albert
Trimm Trabb
Out of Time
Bird Song ([traditional] cover) (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)
Death of a Party (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)
Girls & Boys
Song 2
The Narcissist
Tender (with the Torres Martinez Cahuilla Bird Singers)