Blondshell – “Salad”

Just warning you now: The discourse around the Blondshell album is going to be rough. Sabrina Teitelbaum, the singer-songwriter who goes by Blondshell, has some heavy hype behind her, and that hype comes paired with the growing frustration surrounding the way kids with rich parents seem to have built-in advantages when they try making music. Sabrina Teitelbaum definitely has rich parents; her father Doug is executive chairman of the e-cig company NJOY. That kind of situation can leave a bad taste. But I’ve heard the Blondshell album, and it’s really good. This might be one of those “don’t hate the player, hate the game” situations.

If Sabrina Teitelbaum’s background pisses you off, I understand. She’s coming into the game with advantages that most musicians don’t have. (I came into the game with advantages, too. My parents were both college professors, and I went through school on a full ride because of a tuition-exchange program. You can be pissed at me, too.) But Teitelbaum is far from the only big-deal musician with rich parents, and she also happens to write bangers.

We’ve already posted the early Blondshell singles “Olympus,” “Kiss City,” and “Joiner.” Today, with the LP looming, Blondshell has also shared “Salad,” a murder-fantasy rocker with a big, surging chorus. Last night, Blondshell made her TV debut, performing “Salad” on The Tonight Show. Below, listen to “Salad,” watch that Tonight Show performance, and make up your own mind.

Blondshell is out 4/7 on Partisan.