Blink-182 Cancels Shows Due to Mark Hoppus’ “Severe Bronchitis”

Blink-182 has canceled three shows on their 2024 tour due to Mark Hoppus coming down with severe bronchitis.

Currently on the road in support of their latest album, ONE MORE TIME…, Blink-182 was scheduled to play four nights at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. However, after the first performance on April 2nd, the band canceled the second show due to Hoppus’ illness, hoping they could still perform the final two.

Sadly, though, Hoppus’ condition worsened, and the other two shows were canceled as well. A message Hoppus sent via Discord after the initial cancellation said, “We don’t take canceling lightly… We tried moving the date, tried every possible solution, but this is the reality. We appreciate your understanding and support.”

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As for his health, Hoppus explained that he consulted with doctors in Mexico and “back home,” and was told that he had “an acute infection in my throat and severe bronchitis.” After the diagnosis, he “got on meds immediately” to try to heal up for the weekend shows, but to no avail. Now, all ticket holders for the canceled shows will be refunded.


Read statements from the shows’ promotor and Hoppus’ Discord messages below.

Up next, Hoppus will hopefully get a chance to heal up with a pre-scheduled break in their tour. The next leg kicks off on June 20th in Florida, after which the band will play shows through the end of August. Check out the full list of their upcoming dates, and grab tickets here.

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