Black Duck – “Lemon Treasure”

In April, Chicago’s Douglas McCombs, Bill MacKay, and Charles Rumback announced their debut full-length album as their joint improv project Black Duck. They shared lead single “Of The Lit Backyards” from it at the time, and last month they circled back with another track, “Second Guess.” Today, we’ve got one more album preview: “Lemon Treasure.”

McKay elaborates on the track: “I’d say ‘Lemon Treasure’ is one of the more hypnotic songs on the Black Duck debut. It came out of this driving groove that grew in momentum as we went on. The guitar floats alongside the bass & drums with a variety of slide glissandos, and other melodic statements. The feeling of it is the main thing. It has an energy and summertime vibration I really dig.”

Listen below.

Black Duck is out 6/23 via Thrill Jockey.