Biggie Babylon Makes Everyone Jealous Depicting A Perfect Romance In “Bulletproof Love”

Rapping genius Biggie Babylon recently came out with a stunning music video and song called “Bulletproof Love”. A smooth romance, this song is about an indestructible love that cannot be threatened by anyone. The clip shows scenes of a mountain in Malibu with a view of the ocean,  a luxurious mansion, and a delightful sunset  on a California beach.    

Produced by Thom Genius and Dabato and directed by Damien Sandoval, this music video is epic with an FBI shootout in a neighborhood. But the message gets across very quickly – the love that Biggie has is ‘bulletproof’. 

Earlier this year Biggie released another single titled “All In” that quickly gained over 1 million views on YouTube. The song was also #2 record globally on DRT. The artist’s previous albums include The Greenprint, #HipHopNDance and C.E.O.G, while his upcoming album Coronado California is very much awaited by the fans. 

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