Another Exceptional Music Video From Kelly Monrow: “Wounds”

“Oh the things we do for love,” Monrow sings, and there is no denying her talent. “Wounds” is both painful and incredibly realistic, an emotional rollercoaster that instantly reminds the listener of their own heartache. The new southern pop diva’s vocal performance is, of course, top-notch, highlighting the sense of loss and captivating the audience even further. 

A fusion of southern rock and pop, “Wounds” represents some of Kelly Monrow’s best work to date. It’s not an easy task to put together great music, profound words, and have it sound authentic and all-round amazing. Therefore, we commend this wonderful artist—who debuted as a singer-songwriter only recently (in 2022)—for not only trying but also succeeding!

“Wounds” is not your simple song about a breakup, though. It is a monumental inner reflection, looking into the mirror and being bare-naked and completely, utterly honest with oneself, even criticizing one’s own mistakes, which you didn’t even know were mistakes at the time. Such a powerful piece cannot be described by mere words; it must be heard and felt. So check it out down below!