84% of 2024 Festival Attendees Plan to Take Drugs

A recent study has revealed a bump in planned drug usage at music festivals. According to the results of this year’s Drug Safety at Music Festival Study, conducted by research firm Innerbody, 84% of 2024 festival attendees are planning to use drugs on festival grounds, a 10% increase from last year’s survey.

Marijuana takes the crown for the third year in a row as the most consumed festival drug — this year, according to the data, 65% of festival-goers plan to enjoy their time with some form of cannabis. This is followed by cocaine, psychedelics, MDMA, and ketamine.

The poll also took specific festivals and gatherings into consideration: Wisconsin’s Rock Fest ranks as the top festival for drug use. While not a music festival, desert gathering Burning Man landed the second slot, with Coachella, Rolling Loud, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza all proving popular destinations for consumptions. The survey was conducted based on a sample of 900 respondents.


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The report goes on to reveal that 3 out of 5 people plan to purchase drugs onsite at a festival — a demographic that mostly leans millennial. Of those who do acquire product ahead of time,  80% of respondents intend to test their drugs beforehand.

Ultimately, the report notes, alcohol is always the most-consumed substance at festivals, and heat stroke is the leading cause of health crises across drug users and non-users at festivals. As such, it’s strongly advised that for anyone who does plan to partake, they stay hydrated, remain close to friends, and familiarize themselves with the location of medical tents.

In other less stressful drug related news, Willie Nelson is planning on releasing his very own Cannabis Cookbook (just in time for Thanksgiving).

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Music Festival drug use 2024

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