BriGuel’s exciting journey on the music scene has definitely sparked our curiosity in getting to know more about the couple and their past as well as future projects.

Enjoy 10 unique facts about BriGuel and their latest release “Red Ropes.”

1- BriGuel is the union of NYC based couple Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern.

2- The couple met on another project (a short film) and Miguel asked Bri to also sing on his album he was working on at the time.

3- “Red Ropes” was originally created as a "dance song" or a "club beat" that had an important subliminal message.

4- “Red Ropes” is essentially BriGuel’s reaction to what's happening in current human consciousness and culture.

5- BRBRCK who is featured in the song, is actually a part time musician with a full time job, who’s a lyrical genius.

6- The black dress code in the music video represents a mourning period in relation to what's being shown on the screens.

7- BriGuel’s style is inspired by some of the great lyricists and Artists of all time, including: John Lennon, Bob Marley, Alicia Keys, Eminem and Kendrick.

8- “Red Ropes” is BirGuel’s third single in a row. Their first one was called “LOVE” and the second one is called “Breathe.”

9- BriGuel’s songs always contain a subliminal message such as: Be happy, enjoy your life, be kind.

10- They’re both descendants of Holocaust survivors.

Watch Red Ropes here: