Vince Staples Has a New EP Coming This Summer, 'Prima Donna'

Image via Wow Hall

As part of a profile feature story for The Fader, it was revealed that Vince Staples has a new EP on the way, titled Prima Donna, which is tentatively set for release at some point this summer.

Lyrically, the release tells the backwards chronology of a rising rapper who ends up committing suicide. Jeff Weiss wrote of the EP, “The six-song set starts with a rap star killing himself and concludes with him first coming to fame. You’re meant to be able to play it front-to-back or back-to-front. Either way, it’s a chaotic fusion of warped soul, distorted hooks, and extraterrestrial demonic spirituals.”

In the profile, No I.D. said of Staples, “Vince has a street perspective and an indie perspective as well. His tastes are different, more diverse. He blends storytelling with the street perspective. He definitely has the potential and ability to become one of the greatest of his generation.”

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