Venezuelan singer, Danny Ocean, releases a new music video for his single “Epa Wei.” The viewer is immediately introduced to three-screens and warm synths; Ocean’s vocals and a sharp Purpose-reminiscent production effort from Skrillex do the rest. With a variety of characters and scenes the video creates an expressive narrative that accents the new tune perfectly. Ocean’s catchy vocal melody is guided by Skrillex’s poppy soca rhythms, capped with a singalong-ready slang hook.

The song came together when Ocean received a surprise call Skrillex, and in a snap the pair found themselves in the studio tampering with fresh latin pop sounds, eventually merging styles on “Epa Wei’s” fluid, hip-swinging vibe. Combatting the bleak political and economic landscape of Venezuela, the positivity in this music video shows a bright side to a vibrant culture that has undeniable international appeal.