“The fact that people actually think I would use that as my album cover is funny,” ScHoolboy Q tellz TMZ in response to the frenzy created by the Crying Jordan imagery he tweeted earlier this week.

The use of Michael Jordan’s face as the album cover for his next project Blank Face had many people (including us) wondering how he could get away with it from a legal perspective, even if it was obstructed. In response, he simply explained the whole situation as a “troll.”

“I actually trolled the people because as soon as I put it on Twitter, everybody just said ‘ScHoolboy Q’s album cover, ScHoolboy Q’s artwork.'” he explained. “But that defeated the purpose of what I was doing. I have a concept behind it… I had a series of covers that I was going to put out.”

Along with the similar Donald Trump imagery, it appears this was all part of TDE’s roll-out plan. He voiced frustration that Internet consumption is so fast that they “didn’t even give me a chance to post my next picture,” but all of the attention is likely exactly what they were after.

He explained that he did ask his management if it would be possible to use the Jordan imagery, but they told him it wouldn’t be worth even trying because of law complications. Moving to the next stage of the roll-out, ScHoolboy held his phone to the webcam screen and shared the “real” artwork. Then he tweeted the full-resolution image shortly after (seen below). Do we believe him this time?

ScHoolboy Q Says Crying Jordan Meme Isn't His Album Cover, Reveals Real Artwork