When a film studio announces plans to release a movie about “a group of failed rappers” with the same title as a group of successful rappers, it’s likely the latter will be pissed – and that’s exactly what’s happened.

On Tuesday evening (June 21), The Hollywood Reported announced that Universal had acquired an action-comedy pitch titled Run The Jewels. The publication reports that the film, which is set to be produced by comedian Kevin Hart, “centers on a group of failed rappers who attempt to rob an eccentric hip-hop mogul.”

This prompted a reaction from Run The Jewels’ El-P, who took to Twitter to weigh in on the news.

excuse me while I go starve a savage pack of lawyers for 7 days.

— el-p (@therealelp) June 21, 2016

@Clarknova1 prolly lost or number. its cool we'll be calling them.

— el-p (@therealelp) June 21, 2016

After learning of the news, one Twitter user proceeded to remind El-P of a tweet that he had sent out in 2013 that read: “4 words: RUN THE JEWELS MOVE”

.@KirkRogersRadio yes I meant for us.

— el-p (@therealelp) June 22, 2016

@russbengtson indeed. let's just say I'm doubtful ; )

— el-p (@therealelp) June 22, 2016

A few hours later, RTJ’ Killer Mike took to Twitter to offer his reaction to the news.

@SameOldShawn WTH 😳

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) June 22, 2016

With regards to Run The Jewels themselves, Killer Mike recently announced that the duo hopes to have their forthcoming album, Run The Jewels 3, completed within the coming weeks.

“I would like to be finished by July 7th, I’d like to ball on the 4th,” Mike said. “I think we will be done real soon. And people know when we say ‘soon,’ we tryna get it out, we want it out this year.”