STROOM to release debut album from Scottish artist Susannah Stark

The Scottish artist Susannah Stark will put out her debut album, Time Together (Hues And Intensities) , on STROOM this November.

The Dundee native is known as a visual artist, but as of late, she has been drawn to music and voice as means of expression. Stark composed the seven songs on Time Together (Hues And Intensities) between 2017 and 2020. When crafting the album, she used vocal clips from tracks made during the UK’s second summer of love, an era she’s too young to remember that has nevertheless had a large impact on her practice. She’d go on to complete the tracks using a mix of vocal improvisation, synths, percussion, guitar feedback, samples and field recordings.

The end result fits in with STROOM’s well-defined aesthetic—the label’s recent releases include albums by Ben Bertrand, Dark Arts and Hessel Veldman.

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Listen to three tracks off Susannah Stark’s Time Together (Hues And Intensities).

01. Saturn
02. Dear Beloved Friend
03. Reprise
04. This Is For Us

05. Remind You

06. Can Of Worms

07. Unnatural Wealth

STROOM will release Time Together (Hues And Intensities) on November 3rd, 2020.