Roman Flügel launches new label, Sister Midnight, with a triple-LP compiling his Tracks On Delivery material

Roman Flügel will kick off his new label with a triple-LP of his Tracks On Delivery material.

Flügel’s new Running Back-administered imprint, Sister Midnight, will focus on old and new material from the Frankfurt artist, including unreleased material and “previously released sure shots from the archives.” Though Flügel worked closely with Playhouse and Klang Elektronik, Sister Midnight is his first label he’s running alone and stems from his party series of the same name.

He’ll kick off the label with a remastered compilation of his Tracks On Delivery material, released via four 12-inches that came out on Klang sub-imprint Ongaku Musik between 2000 and 2002. Flügel notes these cuts were “highly inspired by some of Andrew Weatherall’s techno sets while visiting London for some of his Blood Sugar parties,” bearing the influence of Weatherall’s Emissions Output label as well as Jay Denham’s Black Nation.

The Tracks On Delivery triple-LP, out in October, includes 15 original “Patterns” and two unreleased tracks.

Apollo Records recently released Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke’s 1994 album as The Primitive Painter.

Listen to “Pattern One” from Tracks On Delivery.

01. Pattern One
02. Pattern Two

03. Pattern Three

04. Pattern Four

05. Pattern 5

06. Pattern 6

07. Pattern 7

08. Pattern 8

09. Pattern 9

10. Pattern 10

11. Pattern 11

12. Pattern 12

13. Pattern 13

14. Pattern 14

15. Pattern 15

16. Pattern 16 (Unreleased Bonus)

17. Pattern 17 (Unreleased Bonus)

Sister Midnight will release Tracks On Delivery on October 9th, 2020.